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but if Lifetimes!Linksano is bisexual

does that mean we can say he’s experimented with boys and girls

Actually, Lifetimes!Linksano is demisexual.

Linksano doesn’t feel sexual attraction for just anyone, it has to be someone that he has an intense personal bond with. One of those people was Spoonette, who he had a crush on that eventually grew the more he tried to be with her. The other is Boffo, who helped him forget about her and was patient and sweet enough for romance to happen on Linksano’s terms. Linksano wouldn’t feel sexual arousal for anyone else besides those two unless something really, really clicked within their bond.

But if he were bisexual, then yes, you could say that. ^_^

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Anonymous asked: The term "loose" women comes from the idea that they escaped, same terminology as "the cows got loose" for example. They escaped their owner. In fact, animal husbandry (owning and breeding captive animals) is where the term "husband" comes from, bride actually comes from "bird", as in "caged", "mr" comes from "master". Your cows, sheep, wife all got your name, so did your land, if you're ever wondering why very old, especially European, houses have names (and many cities have male's last names).


I had never heard this before. It’s interesting and it makes sense. Damn.

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